Since the rise of Facebook, social media has been the advertising medium of choice. This is true not only for online companies, but for brick-and-mortar businesses as well. Social media advertising allows companies to build brand awareness, target specific demographics, and even place ads adjacent to relevant content. But while these online ads are vital for most modern companies, social media advertising alone isn’t enough to promote your business.¬†Outdoor advertising in MD could be a profitable alternative.

Where Social Media Fails

  • Engagement. While potential buyers may see social media ads, there is often a notable lack of engagement. Plus, when consumers do engage, often businesses fail to respond in a timely manner, further discouraging potential buyers.
  • Competition. Particularly for small businesses, social media means competing with the giants for consumer attention, a difficult task at best. These are companies with expansive marketing budgets and louder messaging.
  • Time Management. People frequenting social media expect consistently fresh content. This includes advertising. Smaller businesses may be hard-pressed to find resources to keep up with these demands.

Advantages of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising on billboards is a great alternative, particularly for local companies. Plus, it actually offers several advantages over social media ads.

  • Frequency. No other medium has the exposure of outdoor advertising, particularly on commuter thoroughfares where drivers will likely pass the same billboard five days a week.
  • Pinpoint Targeting. If you’re a local business, there’s no better way to target your community than with outdoor advertising. Your message can be strategically placed in a geographic location to attract the attention of your exact target audience.
  • The Best of Both Worlds. Billboards can be visually bold, making them great images for sharing on social media sites, giving your business the best of both worlds.

When you look at the facts, outdoor advertising in MD makes a great alternative or even addition to your company’s social media advertising strategy. Here at Vision Outdoor, we offer billboard advertising solutions for the Baltimore metro area. Our high-reach billboards give your business continuous, targeted exposure with premium locations along major commuter routes. We have flexible plans ranging from short-term billboards to permanent placing, so you’re sure to find a plan to suit your business needs. Contact us today and find out how Vision Outdoor can help you get the most out of billboard advertising.

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