At Vision Outdoor, we are a billboard advertising authority. When it comes to outdoor advertising in MD, we provide businesses of all sizes with high reach exposure all around the Baltimore metro area. Read on to learn how you can take advantage of outdoor advertising to help boost your company’s profits.

Outdoor Advertising Continues to Grow

What may seem like an “old” form of advertising has actually never gone out of style. OOH (out of home) advertising on billboards continues to bring in big business for clients. Billboards continue to evolve with changing tastes and offer incredible ROI. Billboards were ranked as the hottest trend of 2018.

While all other OOH advertising saw a decline in 2018, billboards saw projected growth of 2.1%. Why growth? Billboards work! According to a study by Nielsen, it was found that the combination of digital ads and billboards can result in an increase in online activity by four times. At those rates, there is no reason not to include billboards as a major part of your advertising plan.

Advantages of Billboard Advertising

There are several advantages of outdoor advertising with traditional billboards. Firstly, your message owns that space 24/7. And when using prime locations that have a heavy traffic flow, you will attract a prime audience. When choosing outdoor advertising in MD, ensure you pick locations in optimal spots around the Baltimore area.

Secondly, billboards are hard to ignore! They are big, and people pay attention to large messages. On high-traffic roads, billboards are incredibly cost-effective as they can potentially reach thousands of people a day. And, in advertising, the frequency of the message matters. The more times you can show a person the same message, the more likely it is to influence and impact them. People living in the Baltimore area who are going to work or running errands use the same road multiple times a week. You reach those people over and over again with your message.

Outdoor Advertising in MD: Vision Outdoor MD

Vision Outdoor MD is your top choice for outdoor advertising in MD. Our billboards increase your business’ visibility in Baltimore and capture the attention of your target audience. With prime locations across metro Baltimore, our billboards offer continuous exposure on major commuter routes throughout the city. We have flexible plans ranging from short-term to permanent placement. And, we welcome national, regional and local companies to advertise with us. Contact us for more information.