Admissions directors at private schools, colleges and universities want to fill their classrooms with the best students. In order to get as many applicants as possible you have “sell” your school. You need to attract applicants by getting the word out about your school’s great teachers, modern facilities and the wide variety of courses offered. Today, successful schools advertise across all mediums. For local schools, an important piece is outdoor advertising in Baltimore. Please read on to learn more about billboard advertising for your institution.

Outdoor Advertising: Highlight What Makes Your School Unique

74% of commuters report that family is the top thing on their mind when they are driving. Their thoughts likely range from family health, finances and education for their kids. Therefore, a great way to appeal to the parents of potential students is to use digital billboards as part of outdoor advertising in Baltimore.

When you advertise your school, focus on what makes your school stand above others in the area. Displaying awards, scholarship opportunities, athletic and social events helps your institution attract potential students. Best of all, with the flexibility of digital billboards you can easily change the message as needed to highlight updated events or accolades.

Make it Easy to Contact You

Outdoor advertising makes it possible for people across the area to discover your school. Use billboards to promote open houses or discovery days. Plus, be sure to include your website on the billboard to allow people to further explore your school. Driving by a billboard that clearly shows how they can easily get in contact with your school makes it simple for busy students and families.

Outdoor Advertising: Partner with Vision Outdoor

Vision Outdoor has years of experience helping clients of all shapes and sizes with outdoor advertising in Baltimore. We work with you to determine the best billboard locations to target the audience you want to reach. Additionally, we provide insight about the key features your billboard needs to be as successful as possible. Outdoor advertising is a convenient and affordable way to reach a local audience. Contact the pros at Vision Outdoor today to get started on your outdoor advertising plan.