Outdoor billboards are evolving with the times to maintain a powerful, successful place in advertising. Billboards were named the hottest advertising trend in 2018. While this may seem surprising in a world where everything is increasingly digital, billboards have a lot to offer advertisers.

The first billboards originated in New York in 1835 as circus posters. A few short years later in 1867, the first billboard lease was established. It’s been over 150 years, but billboards have held strong. And there are good reasons why.

Advantages of Billboards Today

Billboards fall into the “out of home” or “outdoor” advertising category. This includes all the advertising that individuals see when they are out of the house. There are numerous types of outdoor ads like the ads on a side of a bus, in subway station, or on benches. However, billboards make up 66% of the market.

While every other category in advertising declined over the past few years, billboards have not. Newspapers were projected to see an almost 20% decline in 2018. Similarly, magazines (-15.5%), radio (-4.2%), and TV (-2.5) all had predicted declines last year.

And billboards? Billboards were the only non-digital form of advertising that was estimated to see growth. Growth was expected at 2.1% for 2018 and continues to go up in 2019.

Outdoor Advertising Offers Flexibility

The advantage billboards have over other forms of traditional advertising is their flexibility. Messaging can change instantly. For example, advertisers can choose to change their ads based on live data. Billboard technology can take into account data about current weather or traffic conditions. So, if it’s snowing outside, an airline promotes a beach vacation. If it’s sunny, the same advertiser can choose to show family vacations to Disney World instead.

Billboard placement can even be placed based on demographics. Want to target middle-aged men that love sports? There is data supporting which billboard location is best for that target audience.

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