Outdoor advertising in Maryland, and all over the US, is more powerful than ever before. Social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have changed the way outdoor advertising is viewed, shared, and perceived. The more visually creative the ad, the more likely it is to get noticed on social media. Far from the business card-like billboards of the past, today’s outdoor advertising has the potential to be an artistic statement and a viral sensation.

Make Art Not Ads

According to recent research by Nielson, 1 of 4 surveyed adults in the US have posted an Instagram photo featuring a piece of outdoor advertising. That’s far more exposure than any radio, print, or television advertising can provide, and at a fraction of the cost. Companies have begun to think of outdoor advertising as a chance for bold statements and out of the box design. When you approach your business’ outdoor advertising like an opportunity for an art installation, social media can provide a second life for your campaign.

Demand Attention

Baltimore drivers face one of the longest commutes in the nation. It may be a headache for commuters, but it’s an opportunity for companies looking to get noticed. Get more value for your ad dollar by choosing outdoor advertising. This engaging medium has a high reach with a mass audience. Unlike other forms of advertising, where your message must compete side by side with your competitors, billboards demand attention. Your business will see a higher return on investment. Plus, combining the benefits of outdoor advertising with a strong message and creative trendy design can capitalize on the amplified exposure of social media sharing.

Choose Vision Outdoor

Vision Outdoor can help you amplify your exposure. Our professional staff can develop a strategy to maximize your outreach and your profits. We offer solutions for outdoor advertising in Maryland with billboards all over the Baltimore area. Choose from billboards placed on commuter routes throughout the city for high reach and optimal exposure. We happily service local, regional, and national campaigns. If you want to capitalize on the second life social media provides for your advertising campaign, contact Vision Outdoor. Let us work with you to get your business the attention it deserves.