Out of home advertising is continually expanding. While funds for print and broadcast advertising are slowly declining, more is being spent on out of home (OOH) advertising than ever before. This trend is likely to persist as OOH gains traction as a popular form of business advertising in Maryland. With longer working hours and increased leisure opportunities, consumers are spending more time away from their homes than ever before. Therefore, it remains likely that OOH advertising will continue to reach ever-larger audiences, benefiting those businesses who use this medium.

The Impact of Out-of-Home Advertising

  • Branding. Companies wishing to build a brand can reach large numbers of potential customers at an affordable cost by using OOH advertising. For example, when you create a media plan using a high-quality digital billboard, a whole city’s worth of people potentially sees your message as they commute. Consequently, your brand will be widely recognized.
  • Impression Efficiency. OOH is a medium that allows advertisers to get creative and attract their target audience. This is because OOH advertising can be done on large surfaces using vivid colors, striking images, and punchy tag lines. All combining to ensure that consumers are more likely to remember the brands behind the campaigns.
  • Perfect Timing. OOH advertising is the best-timed form of advertising. For example, a business gains customers by advertising their product on a billboard located close to a market stocking their brand. Or, a restaurant displays their dinner specials as hungry commuters drive home from work. These advertising impressions are more likely to influence the purchasing decisions of a consumer because of the timely nature of the display.

From billboards at the side of prime roads, to a building wrap which envelops the frontage of an entire building, OOH advertising is everywhere. It enables advertisers to draw the attention of consumers all day, every day. Thus, reinforcing your media strategy and marketing message.

Business Advertising in Maryland

For businesses seeking maximum impressions billboards are a highly effective form of out-of-home advertising. Looking for billboards in prime locations all around Baltimore? Discover Vision Outdoor. We are a locally owned firm and we offer billboards located along major commuter roads throughout the area. We aim to offer continuous exposure and deliver your message directly to your target audience. Contact us for more information.