Banks and financial institutions were one of the first to use digital outdoor signs. Some people might recall the “time and temperature” signs outside of the local bank. Well, since then, outdoor advertising has evolved drastically. With today’s modern digital billboards, banks and credit unions can use the flexibility of digital messages to advertise current interest rates or promote convenient mobile banking options. Digital billboards allow financial institutions to reach a wide audience of varying ages over and over again. For anyone researching digital billboards in Maryland, Vision Outdoor has the prime spots and experience to achieve fantastic advertising results.

Outdoor Advertising Gets Results

The 2019 Nielsen Out of Home Advertising Study showed that billboards reach people and have high engagement rates. An average of 81% of people that noticed a particular type of out-of-home (OOH) advertising in the past month engaged with the messaging. This is an incredibly high engagement rate for any form of advertising. In comparison, a survey of 100 banks and credit unions’ social media efforts showed an average of less than one percent engagement.

The Right Choice for Banks

Additionally, 50% of commuters have finances on their minds when they commute. Banks can capitalize on this unique opportunity by positioning their messages along commuter routes. For example, choosing digital billboards in Maryland along major highways to showcases a financial institution’s offers to a huge segment of the local population.

Digital billboards also allow clients to switch up the messaging regularly. During tax season, banks can promote messaging about last-minute saving contributions. During the summer, messaging can change to promotions for loans for home renovation projects. Messaging can be altered for the time of the day as well. If its known that the adult working crowd is off the road by 10:00 am, and then it’s mostly students for the next few hours, schedule different messaging for each crowd.

Digital Billboards in Maryland: Vision Outdoor MD

When considering digital billboards in Maryland, only hire a company that has prime locations to offer. Vision Outdoor MD has billboard options on several highly traveled roads in the Baltimore area. Vision Outdoor is locally owned and operated and offers advertising opportunities on a national, regional, and local scale. Customers can choose from short term to permanent placement plans. Contact Vision Outdoor MD today for more details.