If you have an event coming up, one of the biggest challenges may be getting people in the doors. The planning often feels all encompassing, but if you don’t have a strong marketing team no one will ever see your event. Consequently, you need to keep an open mind when it comes to implementing advertising media to reach your audience. A great way to promote your local event is to use billboard advertising in Baltimore.

Billboard Advertising in Baltimore Promotes Local Events

Billboards are a great way to reach out to local people and let them know about an upcoming event. Whether it is a concert, play, art exhibit, or festival, commuters notice billboards. Clever billboards feature enticing details that encourage someone to look into an event when they get off the road. Bottom line: create a memorable message that sticks.

Target Audiences Pass by Billboards During Daily Commutes

One of the best ways to use a billboard is by renting space near roads that are heavily used by commuter traffic. Local drivers are going to be your best audience for a local event. Long distance drivers are not likely to come back into town for an event in your city. Therefore, place your advertising along roadways that are mostly used by commuters. Plus, since many commuters are middle to upper class, the people you reach have the disposable income to consider buying tickets.

Best Practice Tips for Billboard Advertising

You don’t want just any billboard space. Carefully plan your billboard and its location for best results. Additionally, if your budget allows, you should consider more than one billboard. While one billboard can grab attention, multiple billboards helps reinforce the presence of your event. Once you figure out your rental space, make sure you keep your message simple. Drivers have less than ten seconds to absorb a message, and they aren’t going to stop to read the rest of your billboard. Keep your billboard short and sweet to make it the most effective.

Finally, working with Vision Outdoor ensures that you get premium billboard advertising in Baltimore. Our billboards are strategically located along prime commuter routes reaching thousands of people daily. For more information about our billboards, click here.