Most conventional advertising mediums—print, broadcast television, radio—have been losing out to online ads for a number of years now. However, billboards despite being one of the oldest advertising methods on the planet, are still enjoying the limelight. Likewise, billboard signs in Baltimore prove to be successful year after year for local and national businesses.

According to research by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), the market share for Out of Home (OOH) advertising will increase to upwards of 10-12% of the total global advertising market. In a world dominated by online advertising, that’s a statistic that should resonate with any business.

Get More Bang for Your Marketing Buck

Unlike other ads, billboards work for you 24×7 and offer a much cheaper alternative to TV ads. Placed in a prominent place where it grabs attention, a billboard could generate a very quick return on investment and put your brand in front of more people. By adopting billboard advertising over TV advertising, you could save around 80% in marketing costs. With numbers like that, it’s little wonder that billboards constitute 62% of all outdoor advertising today.

Take Billboard Advertising to the Next Level

While traditional billboards command attention, no other OOH advertising medium gets more views than digital billboards. Digital billboards are not new. Think Times Square, for example. However, with the reduced cost of digital screen technology, technical advancements in high-definition displays and advertising in general, outdoor advertising is more exciting than ever. And what’s more, this advertising medium can be used by businesses of all sizes and in any industry.

When you invest in digital billboards from Vision Outdoor, you invest in a digital marketing solution that allows you to deliver quick and cost-effective marketing campaigns that target specific types of consumers. Where traditional billboards only display one ad, digital billboards can display a number of different ads in rotation. Imagine the possibilities in high traffic areas.

Increase Your Visibility and Reach Across the City

At Vision Outdoor, we supply billboard signs in Baltimore that increase the visibility and reach of your ads and capture the undivided attention of your target audience in some of the city’s most premium locations. If you are considering adding digital billboard signs to your marketing mix or replacing traditional billboards with digital advertising, we would be delighted to tell you more about our services. Click here to contact us.