Billboards can be a great way to reach a new audience. Did you know that they reach a wider audience than most other forms of advertising? Many commuters pass them daily, so they are a perfect way to familiarize consumers with a product, event, television show, or business that they otherwise may not know about. If you want to build a larger consumer base for your business, billboard advertising in MD may be your answer.

Billboards: One of the Most Effective Forms of Advertising

According to a 2017 Nielsen study concerning the power of billboard advertising, advertisements placed on billboards stand out more than newspaper, online, mobile, and radio ads. That makes them one of the most powerful forms of advertising in existence. The only form of advertising that consumers noticed more was television. However, a third of consumers included in the poll felt that billboards were more powerful than television ads. Due to the mobile nature of today’s world, consumers can browse away, scroll on their phones, or distract themselves from most ads. However, commuters generally take the same route to work each day, so the billboard message is always received.

Billboards Spread the Word

The same survey found that most consumers view billboards as informative. Six out of ten billboard viewers felt that they were a great way to learn about a new business, sale, or event. Almost the same amount said that billboards capture their attention and are very useful. These numbers were even higher in small and medium sized markets where viewers were more likely to tune into the messages conveyed on a billboard.

Billboards Lead to Action

Perhaps the most encouraging statistics for businesses considering renting billboard space is the likelihood of positive consumer action. The Nielsen study found that 40% of viewers actually visited the business that was advertised on the billboard and 24% made a purchase. Another 40% talked about the billboard with their family or friends, spreading the message even farther.

If these statistics sound good to you, it may be time to consider renting billboard space. Half the challenge of obtaining these positive results is finding the right billboard space. Vision Outdoor MD can help streamline this task. We have top rated billboard space available in peak locations ready for your next advertising campaign. Contact us for more information.