In our consumer-driven economy, the average American is bombarded by advertising. Ads seem to be everywhere; they’re not only on television, radio, and the newspaper. Instead, they fight for passengers’ attention from buses and taxis and inundate the average online experience. With so much competition from the multitude of advertising choices, it can be hard to distinguish which ones will draw the biggest crowd of customers. So, where does the smart money go? The answer may surprise you.

The Resurrection of a Legend

One of the smartest advertising choices you can make had its start in the United States as far back as 1835. That was when huge posters, measuring over 50 feet, were first used to advertise. This was the beginning of the billboard in America and it remains a cornerstone of the advertising industry.

Billboards work and they always have. Companies such as Brex have discovered that their biggest percentage of growth occurred when they began focusing on billboard advertising. There are many reasons why billboards can be a business owner’s best friend.

Billboard advertising is inexpensive. Businesses can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising on social media today and never see results that a billboard campaign can reap. Just make certain to choose a professional to ensure the ad looks its best and can withstand the weather.

Billboards grab the attention of tens of thousands of people. Advertisers have a captive audience on the highway. Drivers have to pay attention to traffic and road signs along the way. Passengers gazing out the window will often be led by well-placed billboards to a promising restaurant or shopping mall that they might not otherwise have tried.

Billboards help the customer find the business. Instead of running around trying to find clients, let a billboard ad campaign guide customers to you. Let a billboard campaign be your company’s beacon in a sea of competitors.

Trust Vision Outdoor MD for an Effective Billboard Advertising Campaign

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